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Radu Stanca Sibiu National Theatre
by car – 5 min.
by foot – 20 min.

State Philharmonic Sibiu
by car – 6 min
by foot – 17 min

Cinema Arts Sibiu
by car  – 7 min.
by foot – 34 min.

Theater for children and youth Sibiu
by car  – 7 min.
by foot – 10 min.

Arka Park Sibiu (Paltinis)– Adventure Park
by car– 34 min.

Arena Platos Sibiu (Paltinis) – Ski Area
by car – 42 min.

Ski slope Oncesti


Mircea Joldeş, Ruja place, 1h 30 min drive
Daniela Greulich, Marpod village, 30 min drive


Marcel Drăgan, Agnita town, 1h drive
Aurel Trif, Alţâna village, 35 min drive


Adrian Popa, Bradu place, 20 min drive
Ion Tămâian, Şelimbăr village, 10 min drive


Ioan Cristea, Agnita town, 1h drive
Ilie Babă, Apoldu de Jos village, 30 min drive



Textile manufacturing

Constantin Aniţa, Agnita town, 1h drive
Cristina Dăscălaşu, Cisnădie town, 15 min drive
Elena Orza, Avrig town, 15 min drive


Corina Barna, Moşna village, 1h drive
Sergiu Pârvu, Chirpăr village, 45 min drive


Henning Mihail, Cisnădioara village, 20 min drive

Handmade dolls in traditional folk costumes

Drăgan Maria, Agnita town, 1h drive

The cheese road

Boiţa village – Tălmăcel place – Cisnădie town – Sadu village – Râu Sadului village – Păltiniş mountain resort – Răşinari village – Gura Râului village – Poplaca village – Sibiu – Orlat village – Sălişte village – Galeş place – Rod place – Tilişca place – Poiana Sibiului place – Jina village – Transalpina road. Discover the pastoral world from Mărginimea Sibiului area, with traditional mountain villages and a slow rhythm of life

Nature’s road on Valea Hârtibaciului (Hartibaciu valley)

Agnita town – Dealu Frumos village – Merghindeal village – Cincu place – Bruiu place -Şomartin village – Nou Român village – Săsăuş village – Chirpăr village – Marpod village – Sibiu.

The fortress road

Mediaş municipality – Moşna village – Alma Vii place – Richiş village – Biertan place – Copşa Mare village – Şaroş pe Târnave place – Dumbrăveni town – Dârlos village – Blăjel place – Bazna village – Boian village

Vămile Făgăraşilor mountain range

Sibiu – Turnu Roşu – Sebeşu de Jos – Sebeşu de Sus – Avrig – Porumbacu de Jos – Porumbacu de Sus – Cârţişoara – Bâlea Lac – Arpaşu de Sus – Arpaşu de Jos – Cârţa

The salt road

Sibiu – Şura Mare village – Hamba place – Slimnic village – Loamneş place – Şoroştin place – Alămor village – Bogatu Român village – Păuca village – Ludoş village – Ocna Sibiului resort.

Adventure parks

Arka Park Indoor Climbing Sibiu – a climbing hall, built at international standards, having 5 climbing paths, a climbing panel and a bouldering panel, which can be used in extremely safe conditions.–Parcuri-de-aventura-Arka-Park-Sibiu.aspx


Arka Park Păltiniș – has paths in various colours, and depending on their level of difficulty, any person can find the zip-line or climbing path appropriate for their level of age; 20 min drive.–Parcuri-de-Aventura-Arka-Park.aspx

Backpacking paths

Paths in Făgăraş Mountains – include touristic objectives like Moldoveanu Peak (2.544 m), Negoiu Peak (2.535 m), Laiţa, Vânătoarea lui Buteanu, Scara, Suru or Paltinu Peaks, Transfăgărăşan road, glacial lakes (Bâlea, Avrig, Podrăgel, Lacul Doamnei, Călţun), waterfalls (Negoiu, Şerbota, Bâlea, Valea Moaşei).

Paths in Cindrel Mountains – the backpacking paths have an average level of difficulty, and the majority begin from Păltiniş mountain resort or from Cisnădie town, Cisnădioara village, Sadu village, Râu Sadului village, Răşinari village, Sibiel place.

Winter sports

Tourists who love winter sports can chose Bâlea area for ski, snowboard, snowmobile drives and even a skating rink set up on Bâlea glaciar lake, as well as Cindrel, Păltiniş or Gura Râului ski slopes.

Extreme sports

Two of the most famous international competitions, RedBull Romaniacs and Sibiu Rally, take place every summer in Sibiu county.

Water sports

You can enjoy the warm season by taking row boat rides on the lake from ASTRA outdoor museum or boat/canoe/raft rides on Olt river. Fishing can be done on Mândra, Săcel, Tocile and/or Dumbrăveni lakes, on Olt river or in Albota trout farm.

Air sport

People who love air sports can use the ultra-light airplanes from Măgura airfield, in Cisnădie town, to try their pilot skills for a day or just to admire the extraordinary panoramic view of Sibiu and its surroundings from the above.

Horse riding

Cross Country Farm Transylvania is a horse riding centre that has been named an ‘excellent horse riding travel destination’ by ‘Lonely Planet’ travel guide. Located in Prod place on Valea Târnavelor (Târnavelor valley), it is de ideal place for pleasure riding, as well as for professional horse riding courses.–Echitatie-Cross-Country-Prod.aspx


VEKTOR Club from Sibiu offers you the possibility to rediscover a classic sport in appropriate surroundings, for sporting activity as well as for recreational purposes, under the close supervision of a qualified staff.

The School – Farm of Cornățel village

At 14 km from Sibiu city, children have the possibility to discover playful activities, the world of farm animals: goats, cows, little pigs, donkeys, horses, ponies, chickens, ducks, turkeys or geese. Along with educational activities, the children can practice sport and fun activities: horse riding initiation, going through an adventure circuit, climbing, donkey rides, carriage rides, cart rides or tractor rides, creation workshops.

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